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RaySat, Inc. and FUNTORO launch global cooperation to offer LIVE infotainment systems to mass transportation market
RaySat Inc. and FUNTORO announce their global cooperation to promote and distribute their complementary products for LIVE satellite infotainment systems on buses, trains and ferries.
RaySat Inc. is Entering Mobile Satellite TV Markets in Northern Regions
RaySat Incorporated is launching a new antenna specifically designed for deployment in high-latitude locations
CNET Features the US Deployment of RayCast System
CarTech tags the RaySat T7 mobile satellite TV antenna as “a little satellite receiver”
Esteemed Industry Magazine, Via Satellite, Published Article Highlighting RaySat T7 Antennas
The article states that “terminals for satellite TV reception in cars are about to enter a new paradigm” with the introduction of new mass-market antennas, like the RaySat T7
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